Here are some of my favorite links

Fort Lauderdale Police Department

"Page of Honor" link from Fort Lauderdale P.D.'s web site
(This link shows all the Fort Lauderdale P.D. Officers who died in the line of duty)

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Officer Down Memorial Page

Official Ryan Seguin Memorial Page
(B.S.O. Deputy Ryan Seguin, the son of retired F.L.P.D. Officers Phil and Lori Seguin, died in the line of duty. This excellent site is a moving tribute to this fine young man and his memory)

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

American 180 (E&L Manufacturing)
(This excellent site has a wealth of information about the .22 caliber laser-sighted machine gun. Our eventual use of this awesome weapon is described in detail in
Chapter 11)

F.O.P. Lodge #31 (Fort Lauderdale Police Department)

F.O.P. (Grand Lodge)

Police Officer Books
(This site lists over 700 police officers who have written over 1500 books)

Clews The Historic True Crime Blog
(This site, which is maintained by my book's publisher, is for people who like to write. I am a member [badge149] and I have posted a number of articles on this popular site)

(2-1-1 is the crisis & referral hotline in many parts of America. This site tells all about 2-2-1 and will also help you locate your local 2-1-1)

The Badge of Life
(Psychological Survival For Police Officers)