“A book for all the cops and cop-wanna-bes. Gary Jones, a retired captain of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police department, has written a new book entitled Badge 149 - Shots Fired! The book focuses on one of the most troubling periods in American law enforcement: the bloody 1970s -- not a good time to be a law enforcement officer in the United States -- unless you were heavily armed. At that time, Jones says, violent crime was ‘almost out of control.’ His book tells the true story of the police response -- which involved a lot of firepower. Filled with exclamation points, appropriate in their context, Jones’ work is one helluva rip-roaring ride-along.”

Clews The Historic True Crime Blog
Written by Laura James

"Jones writes about the real world of cops by presenting short venues that have questions at the end of each. This approach is more a role-play that makes readers understand what cops face everyday on their beats. Also of interest is that these are all pulled from real situations that happened in the mid 1970s in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. What he shows is that nothing has changed. The cities and years can be different but what cops face is exactly the same. This would be a great teaching tool for police courses and academies throughout the nation.”

Gary Roen, Bookreviewer
Midwest Book Review, August 2007

"Gary has done an excellent job of describing and documenting a dangerous and exciting period in all of our careers. His descriptions of events based on excellent research is right on target and as accurate as I could imagine. 'SHOTS FIRED!' is not only a good read but an informative review of tactical procedures."

Chief of Police Joe Gerwens (Retired)
Fort Lauderdale Police Department

"Everything in this book is real, the scheming criminals, the dedicated cops, the streets they battled for possession of, the victims, and the justice system that enveloped them all. Gary Jones knows those streets, and with this book asks the reader to take a dangerous and unforgettable walk in his shoes."

Cherokee Paul McDonald
Author of "The Patch" and "Blue Truth"

"A book for all cops and all cop 'wannabes". For those of us who have been there and those that dream of it. An excellent refresher on tactics or a primer (how-to book), it will be enjoyed by anyone who reads it."

Assistant Chief of Police Sharon L. Andersen
Fort Lauderdale Police Department

"A gripping book that I could not put down until it was finished."

Sheriff John R. Armer (Gila County, Arizona)

"Of all the police books written, this is the best one. It is a story that must be read." "The (police) academy students will definately benefit from this book."

George M. Long / Firearms Program Manager
Broward Community College / Institute of Public Safety