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Excerpt from Badge 149 "Shots Fired" (Chapter 11)

     "Blaaaaaaaaaat!" I really hadn't expected it, so this weird sound startled me when I first heard it. But, even though the sound surprised me, I recognized it immediately! "It" was the unique sound of the American 180 Machine Gun Mke carried. I really shouldn't have been surprised, though. I mean, what the hell did I think Mike was going to do with the damn thing? This wasn't "show and tell" at school and I knew he wasn't gonna just let the bastards in the Camaro look at it. I knew damn well Mike intended to use it if things turned shitty, so the high-pitched metallic-like grinding sound shouldn't have surprised me at all.

I noticed the distinctive red dot of the laser beam a split second after Mike opened fire. It first appeared on the passenger's side of the vehicle's rear windshield. I watched in awe as the red dot slowly moved across the entire length of the back windshield towards the driver's side of the vehicle. As it moved, it seemed to viciously slice away at the window itself and broken pieces of shattered glass flew off in all directions. It almost seemed as if someone had planted dozens of small explosive charges in the windshield itself and now these mini-charges were being detonated one at a time in very rapid succession. But, I knew it wasn't the red dot that was systematically dissecting the windshield, piece by devastating piece. It was the awesome fusillade of .22 cal. rounds the American 180 was spitting out, at an almost incredible 29.6 rounds per second. I've never seen such total and absolute destruction from one single weapon. In a horrible and terrifying way, it was truly impressive!

As Mike continued to maneuver the little red dot towards the driver I realized my own attempt to blow out the Camaro's back windshield had failed. I had tried to aim my first shotgun blast right at the rear window, but when I witnessed the ultimate destructiveness of Mike's American 180, I knew for sure I had missed the back windshield completely. It had still been there, or it was until Mike started taking it apart with the 180. I later learned the pellets from my first initial blast most likely impacted somewhere on the Camaro's trunk. There were several different patterns there on the trunk and one even partially destroyed the vehicle's trunk ornament. I was quite sure I could take credit for that particular prize! I'm sure the vehicle's excessive backwards speed and my desperate need to jump out of the way were both contributing factors in my missing the rear windshield with that first shot. As I now prepared to fire a fourth and final round of OO Buck at the escaping vehicle and suspects, I still couldn't help but marvel at the deadly precision of the American 180. Mike was like a skilled surgeon doing a very delicate procedure during an operation, and the American 180 was his scalpel! This time though, I wasn't quite sure the patients would survive the operation!